All I'm Tryin' To Do Is Love Life

Names Nate, love soccer and my friends. Writing is a new found passion of me.Oh, and I swear I was born with headphones on, and a soccerball at my feet. I think that is all y'all need to know at this point in time. :)

tears stream down your face when you lose something you can not replace and i will try to fix you.

where is the link to the stream of the uswnt match?!?!? :OOOO

Who would murder Jill loydens sister?!? D: hope they’re behind bars by now for good . Now relating to Jill, I send my condolences to you and your family.

great basketball game great anthem… preeetty happy now :3

That moment when you’re sure you had no homework to do over the weekend but you realize that wasn’t the case 5 mins before class.

first week of lifting over and i already feel really ripped hahah

I never thought about it. Maybe it has been staring me in the face the whole time, I must confront it then.

Of course all that I hear from you are lies and frankly I don’t give even the slightest of a fraction of a fuck. My health teacher last year said that a D is the same thing as an A, if you get a D you’re still learning half the shit the teacher makes you to learn. So why must we have his kind of conversation which neither of us enjoy, you say you don’t get how I get all 100 per cents with he homework and then I get a D on the test. Hmmm let’s see, the teacher is pretty bad, you’re not parenting well enough, or maybe I just don’t test well? Doesn’t matter people learn the most from homework Soo looks like I’m gonna be going to math lab twice a week, thanks mom sooo much for taking my study hall away two days a week mom. Fuck geometry. fml